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Fat Burning, Neoprene Quick Dry Body Slimming Pants

Fat Burning, Neoprene Quick Dry Body Slimming Pants

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Turn any activity into a fat burning session with these specially designed body slimming pants. It doesn't matter if you're cooking, running chores around the house, these scientific designed pants keep a tight compression that helps flatten your abdomen, give you a correct posture and the end result is they'll help you sweat more yielding to fat burning. Women are ecstatic about the immediate results after they get with our Fat Burning Neoprene Body Slimming Pants. You're not going to be waiting around for weeks to see a change!


 Heats up your core body area and burns excess calories by retaining body heat.

Designed to maximize the effectiveness of your workout by burning fat.

High waist band to enhance sweat on abs.

Helps to reduce the abdomen, waist and thighs.

 Material: Neoprene, Microfiber, Nylon, Spandex.



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