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Menstrual Leak Proof Period Underwear (L to 3XL)

Menstrual Leak Proof Period Underwear (L to 3XL)

$13.99 $13.99


Let's face it, No matter how much glitter we throw at menstruating, we can't hide the fact that it's not usually the most pleasant time of the month. Have you ever had one of those mortifying moments when you visited the bathroom and realized you didn't pack any sanitary items, so you had to ask a colleague for one — or worse, put scratchy toilet paper in your pants until you could run to the store? These awesome panties come with a pocket at the front so you can keep a sanitary item of your choice with you at all times. Periods aren't embarrassing, but social interactions about them often are.


❤ High-Rise design 
❤ Comfortable spandex and bamboo fiber 
❤ 95% bamboo fiber and 5% spandex 

Size Guide:

L      = size 6
XL   = size 8
2XL = size 10
3XL = size 12

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