🔥 BEST SELLING: Advanced CX2R Reachargeable Hearing Aids
🔥 BEST SELLING: Advanced CX2R Reachargeable Hearing Aids
🔥 BEST SELLING: Advanced CX2R Reachargeable Hearing Aids

🔥 BEST SELLING: Advanced CX2R Reachargeable Hearing Aids

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Why The Advanced CX2R Digital Hearing Aids?

Rechargeable Technology!

These hearing aids are fully rechargeable which saves you tons of money on battery costs! Plus, when you order today you'll receive a free portable charging case worth $195 that allows you to charge on the go! Each device takes about 3 hrs to fully charge and provides 12+ hrs of use.

Easy To Use

Nano X2R

Nano X2R

Our customers rave about how easy and simple this Advanced CX2R Digital Hearing Aid is to use.

Advanced USA Micro-Chip Technology

The Advanced CX2R Digital Hearing Aid chip technology is designed and manufactured in Minnesota by Intricon. The chip name is "Audion 4" which is the same chip used in many hearing aids Audiologists are charging thousands of dollars for.

The Advanced CX2R Digital Hearing Aid has two directional microphones each (4 total). Most hearing aids (even many $5,000 ones) only have one microphone!


Sound Environment Settings

Your Advanced CX2R Digital Hearing Aid comes with these 4 different environment settings so you never miss an important memory!

1. One-On-One Conversations

2. TV

3. Restaurants (noise reduction)

4. Outdoors (more noise reduction)


Nearly Invisible, Comfortable, Behind-The-Ear Design

The Advanced CX2R Digital Hearing Aid is nearly invisible and fits behind your ear so no one will even know you're wearing anything! Plus, it's so comfortable you won't even know you're wearing it! Many customers wear glasses and say Nano fits great even with glasses.


 Your order comes with everything ias shown below: 

  •  4+ Earbud Sizes To Fit Your Ear Canal Size Properly
  •  Directions Manual
  •  Cleaning Supplies
  •  FREE Portable Charging Case

The Advanced CX2R Reachargeable Digital Hearing Aid Technology Is Going Absolutely Viral! Why?

Here's just a shortlist of why the benefits these digital hearing aids offer: 

 Fits ALL ear sizes

✅ No Hearing Test Required

 Wire thin receiver tube nearly invisible to the eye

 Powerful enough to help almost any level of hearing loss

✅ Same technology as $5000 hearing aids

✅ Audiologists #1 recommended online hearing aid

✅ Rechargeable Technology (gives you up to 12 Hrs of Use)

✅ Nearly Invisible, Extremely Discreet (fits even if you have glasses)

✅ Background Noise-Cancelling Technology

✅ Extremely Easy To Use

✅ 2 Directional Microphones Per Device (most $5,000 hearing aids only have 1)

✅ Incredible Pricing 90% Less Than Traditional Hearing Aids

✅ 45-Day Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

✅ On Sale Today -- Finally Back In Stock After 3-Month Waitlist!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to extremely high demand, these Advanced CX2R Hearing Aids sell out quickly! Please place your order today to ensure your order gets delivered within 7-14 days or less.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need a hearing test?
No, our hearing devices don't require that you take a hearing test. These CX2R Hearing Aids work for the majority of customers and each hearing device can be easily adjusted for your level of hearing.

Will it fit my ear?
We include earbuds in 3 different sizes (small, medium, large) with each hearing device, allowing 99% of our customers to get the correct fit.

What if it doesn't work for me ?
Not to worry! Hearing loss is complex and different for everyone. That's why we offer a 30-day return policy. Simply contact us within 30 days of receiving your purchase to return your hearing device and we will issue a 100% no questions asked refund immediately.

How long is shipping ?
These CX2R Hearing Aids are in extremely high demand and we have LIMITED STOCK! Your hearing device should arrive in 7-14 business days.

How do you keep prices low without sacrificing quality ?
We cut out the middleman — no doctor salaries, no brick-and-mortar locations, etc. — and we manufacture our hearing devices with new, cutting-edge digital technology, which is far more affordable than manufacturing traditional hearing devices.

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