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**NEW** All New Versatile and Strapless Waist Trainer  (XS - 6XL)  *** Up to 70% Off ***

**NEW** All New Versatile and Strapless Waist Trainer (XS - 6XL) *** Up to 70% Off ***

$34.99 $34.99


    Get targeted mid-section visible weight reduction for a slimmer and sexier look! This best-seller is a one of a kinds waist training and waist shrinking undergarment making it the ultimate tummy shaper. You can wear it under almost any clothing because its seamless.

    • You can wear it with a bra and panties under your clothes. Instantly feel confident and poised as you sculpt 1-4 inches from your midsection.
    • Improve posture and enhance your natural curves.
    • This waist trainer will also help you increase thermal activity and perspiration in your abdomen so that you will lose weight while wearing it.
    • Wear this combined with a healthy diet and active lifestyle.
    • There are two columns of hook-and-eye closures that help you achieve a precision fit.


    ❤ Instantly visible reduced waistline of 1-4 inches

    ❤ A firmed and flattened midsection

    ❤ Posture improvement

    ❤ Increased thermal activity and perspiration in the abdomen

    ❤ Flexibible and comfortable to wear


    ❤ 7 spiral steel bone + 3 row hooks +1 zipper

    ❤ High elastic Spandex, bends easily but recovers quickly to origin

    ❤ Combines power latex and flexi-boning for a firm compression

    ❤ Recommended wearing 6-8 hours daily

    ❤ Hook-and-eye closures for a precision fit

    ❤ Versatile and strapless design

    ❤ Ideal to use at work, home and gym 

    ❤ Under bust design 

    Material: Spandex and Polyester. Hand wash, no iron.

    Recommendation: 90% of our customers usually purchase a min of 2 so they can rotate between them and also this helps to prolong your waist trainer as they get breaks in between. Cleaning only requires hand wash, no iron.

    IMPORTANT: It is important to order based on your waist size measurements. When ordering make sure to measure around your waist above the belly button. 

    Size Chart: Find your natural waistline, dress size and hip size on the chart to get the correct size. To find you natural waistline, take 3 fingers and place them right above your belly button. If you are between sizes, we recommend that you choose the larger size.

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